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Verdensrommet is a mutual support network (140+ artists) grounded in solidarity among global diasporic artists in Norway, specifically from non-EU/EEA countries. It is a call to self-organize, to reach out to each other, to develop infrastructures for mutual-aid, and to use our joint forces to overcome precarity and immigration uncertainty.
Since March 2020, we have collectively been in survival mode, challenging a liberal democratic system that has failed to recognize the systemic unfairness and inequalities faced by immigrant artists and cultural workers in their quests to create sustainable livelihoods in the country. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has only heightened these difficulties. For Norway to be able to fulfill its visions of a sustainable multicultural and international art scene, there must be steps taken by relevant authorities to address the increasingly precarious working conditions of these artists by making fitting changes to immigration regulations.
When social benefits and welfare assistance is made inaccessible under immigrant residency permits, then critical research and new solidarity economies become urgently necessary. We stand for fair immigration policies, better living and working conditions, and encourage new imaginations of the future of artists’ work. Verdensrommet addresses such urgent migratory, socio-economic, and labor concerns of non-EU/EEA artists through advocacy, guidance, and network-building.
We welcome anyone who would like to co-create a blueprint for how we can emerge from simultaneous crises by shaping new community economies as well as by putting care at the heart of artistic and social debates.
The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs is proposing changes to the immigration regulations for self-employment. This proposal is currently on Høring (public hearing). For more information, please read the original Høringsbrev here. The deadline for members of the public to submit their own response to this Høring is on January 22.

Download the official response to the
Høring from NBK, UKS and Verdensrommet here.

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